Where Would I Go?

Here’s the tenth prompt in the month-long Quest 2015 with Tracking Wonder. Over the course of December 2014, you’ll see 12 posts on a variety of topics, all designed to help stir the pot and spark the mind, body and spirit as we turn toward 2015.

Seth Godin prompts us with:

“Who would miss you if you were gone?

If you didn’t show up to work, didn’t send out that newsletter, didn’t make that sales call, didn’t tweet that tweet… who would miss it?

How does your answer shape how you’ll live out 2015?”

I would miss the part of myself that likes to share and connect with others if I didn’t show up next year.

If I didn’t show up and keep getting curious about what I’m curious about next, close friends and family would wonder what happened. I’d like to believe they’d miss me. Those people out in the world who might benefit from my particular medicine would miss me, though I doubt they’d know it.

But frankly, all of this misses the point if we think a little more deeply about the question.

I believe our world fits together like a series of interlocking threads – one big woven fabric, connecting together time and space. As each of us enter and pass through our lives, in and out of various chapters and phases of involvement, the whole glorious organism moves along as it should. Nothing ends before it should, not even a life.

Nothing is a mistake, which is not to say everything is fated.

Even though we can’t get a big enough perspective to see the “mechanisms” (for lack of a better word – not to say the world is a machine!) of the universe, I have faith that it does all fit together in some mysterious and real way: the challenges and tragedies and miracles and opportunities and all.

And knowing the sort of person that I am, if I didn’t show up, if I were gone, there’s be a damn good reason for it. I have faith in that as well.

Maybe it would be because I’ve somehow been able to find myself in a library next to a woods and I was busy reading and walking, producing a book to be published.

One can only hope!

So, my answer to this prompt is that regardless of who missed me, if I was gone, it would still be perfect. The missing of a person presents an experience that person or someone else needs to have, for whatever reason.

If I was completely gone from this life, then it would be complete.

I’d have given what I had to give, even if it didn’t feel that way. If I was just elsewhere, there’d be a reason for that, too – even if I wasn’t totally sure what it was.

I’ve already decided long ago to hang in there with delay and set back, with confusion and frustration. Those things won’t ultimately stop me. Will they stop you?

Does imagining yourself being missed shift how you think about your efforts or your attitude going forward?

How will you walk into 2015?

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