The Way Forward Sessions are a Two-Session Consultation for Insight on Your Situation and Clarity on Next Steps.

What if you could quiet the mental noise and only hear the signals that take you in the right direction?

Cause you’re a smart cookie, and you know the answer is in there, but you’ve really worked yourself into a corner this time.

You’ve arrived at a point where you need to understand yourself with a little more accuracy than you’ve been able to generate on your own – and until that happens, you’re stalled out.

You need something that will dive deep into your core and bring the light that far down.

You’re ready to see your life from a new perspective.

And you’re ready to call in outside help.

The WAY FORWARD Sessions tell you more about you with depth and nuance and provides you with a clear path, tailored to your particular way of being.

You know you need some new insight on the signs you’re seeing – both the little serendipities out in the world as well as the sometimes contradictory stimulus you experience from your emotions, intuitions and reasoning.

Cause while you’re done wasting energy overthinking it, you’re not the sort of person who just makes a totally emotionally-based decision.

You need to understand, too.

By discovering your truth along the way forward, resilience and renewal come into reach.

We’ll reveal important clues that are specific to your unique life story.

  • Are you unsure about how to move forward with intention, even though you’ve filled out worksheets, meditated, journaled and done your homework?
  • Have you taken more than a few personality-typing tests with no further insight into the patterns blocking your way?
  • Are you anxious about the decisions that lie ahead, worried about finite resources and exhausting yourself further?

Understanding the patterns in life is an often-overlooked part of the self-realization journey. I want you to have the clarity offered through my unique approach.

Because understanding those deeper patterns and connections is the beginning of those solid feelings.

Rather than stumbling around, dive deep and climb up for a fresh perspective and a new foundation.

  • The curiosity generated from my style of coaching combined with the window into your divine essence provided by your birth chart helps us find insight into your particular truth.
  • That information can guide how you manage your effort, your emotions, and your desires because it can eloquently indicate the unique complexities that get in your way.
  • You’ll gain insight into spotting the lesson hidden in your current challenge.
  • You get clear guidance; together, we separate the signal from the noise.

Let’s dive deep and peer far. I’ll be your guide.

The WAY FORWARD Sessions team the insight of Behavioral Psychology with the wisdom of Traditional Astrology to open up your life to clearer understanding of where to focus your disciplined efforts and where to allow your heart’s desire.

It’s all about understanding the patterns of one’s life and embodying the truth of each moment – and then using the self-knowledge to manage available resources through the continued chaos or stress.

Not all situations alleviate as quickly as we’d like, though suffering them is optional.

I’ve designed the WAY FORWARD Sessions to give you a clear view of yourself and some new insight into the underlying patterns relating to your current situation.

We’ll start to discover how your talents and challenges fit together perfectly.

  • We’ll discuss your emergent characteristics – the part of you that is most called to come forth as you develop through adulthood.
  • We’ll see the patterns that make up that special thing you do – your own unique flash of brilliance – and the obstacles that get in your way.
  • And we’ll brainstorm a bit about how you can apply this new information now – so you can feel it in your body, in the moment.

You’ll walk away with a broader AND more specific perspective on yourself and a deeper understanding of your life’s patterns. You’ll start to build a plan for finding resilience when the going gets to be more than you signed up for.

You’ll find the insight you need to continue moving forward with a renewed sense of purpose.

With the WAY FORWARD Sessions, you’ll get:

  • A 35-minute intake audio and in-depth intake document completed via Google Docs
  • (1) 75-90 minute session + (1) 75-minute follow-up session, both held over the phone in the United States, over Skype worldwide, or in-person in Taos, New Mexico
  • MP3 session recordings
  • A PDF birth chart, symbols key, and your completed intake form for your records
  • The safety of a confidential session

I’ll need your accurate time of birth for our sessions.

The WAY FORWARD Sessions are $325 USD

Here’s what to expect during your WAY FORWARD Sessions:

  1. After purchase, you’ll receive an email (within 48 hours, though typically within 6 hours) containing:
  • Instructions to schedule your sessions, they will take place two weeks apart.
  • A link to a 35-minute audio recording where you’ll be introduced to the session process, a couple of key concepts, and lastly, I’ll walk you through filling out the intake form.
  • A link to a confidential intake form, which takes typically 40 – 60 minutes to complete.
  1. You’ll have finished your intake process at least 48 hours before our 75-90 minute initial session. Just before the session, you’ll receive an email from me with PDFs of your birth chart, a symbols key, and a copy of your intake form for your records. After the session, you’ll receive an email from me with a link for downloading your MP3 session recording.
  1. Your second session will occur approximately two weeks after the first session, after which you’ll receive the second MP3 recording.
  1. You’ll walk away from these sessions with new insight about your behavioral patterns and internal dynamics. You’ll have a pathway to move forward more efficiently. I’ll also give you some suggestions for ways to experiment with using your new insight.


What the WAY FORWARD Sessions are not:

  • Modern astrology: I will not be giving you “cookbook” answers or interpreting the planets or placements in the way you may have read or heard referred to from other astrological sources, the large majority of which are from modern astrology.
  • A psychic reading: Traditional Astrology is done in line with the way that people like Plato, Aristotle and Galileo practiced astrology – as a logical system. While my intuitiveness will help me connect and communicate with you, my astrological assessment is a result of many years of rigorous training.
  • Relationship therapy: These sessions are focused on you, in general, and your business or career, in particular. However, you may start to notice why you show up in a particular way in relationships as a result of these sessions. But my work doesn’t specifically focus solely on marital or romantic inquiry.


Find new insight into your patterns. Craft your best next step on the path.

The WAY FORWARD Sessions are $325 USD

Your Traditional Astrologer & Mentor for These Sessions:

I’m Molly Morrissey, MA. I work with visionaries who are ready to fortify themselves so they can get their big work into the world. My work helps the client find a deeper sense of understanding about themselves and their life patterns by unearthing and connecting internal and external clues, and building a more resilient and realistic strategy for moving forward.

With a Master’s degree in Applied Behavioral Science in systems counseling from Bastyr University/LIOS and astrological training with master astrologer John Frawley, I also incorporate backgrounds in architecture and the marine industry into my unique offerings.

After having spent the large majority of my life in Seattle, my man, my cat and I now live in Taos, New Mexico.