Visionaries know their strength and can measure their resources for their deepest work in the world.

This free self-assessment tool helps you understand how full your resilience tank truly is.

You are a driven, creative thinker. You have ambition to get big, meaningful things done.

You currently find yourself with more on your plate than you can reasonably accomplish, or so you begin to think.

Do you find yourself thinking your success hinges on finding more minutes in the day or learning to say no more often?

I know how it can seem like being more organized or having more willpower will get you there.

Being someone who can generate a lot of discipline and push when you need to has gotten you far. Maybe that will get you the rest of the way.

But at what cost?

Running yourself ragged and ending up feeling anxious, spinning and overthinking is not a prerequisite to realizing your vision.

Have you ever considered that some small shifts in focus, perspective and effort could give you the resilience needed to allow your life fully blossom?

And blossom without the loss of your integrity or vitality?

Understanding which shifts will bring a higher level of resilience is the key to retaining your energy over the long haul – and delivering on your most meaningful vision.

Focusing on the areas where you have least resource is not always the best use of effort.


How Resilient Are You? is a self-assessment which offers a structured approach to taking stock of your life and checking in with what matters most.

Prioritizing your time and energy without getting caught up in your own preoccupations and fatigue or fear is crucial to making that wise choice.

Download my FREE Self-Assessment How Resilient Are You? and identify which efforts need to be focused to realize your long-term vision while maintaining your vitality.

Find out where you can strengthen your support and resources now.

It’s your first step to moving forward with resilience and grace.

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