Horary Examples is a book for those interested in learning to deepen their practice of Traditional Astrology.

A Study Guide to Deepen Your Horary Abilities.

Have you been studying horary astrology on your own and itch for a more practical guide to deepen your abilities?

Horary Examples is a collection of horary – or question – charts. Compiled by 6 traditional astrologers, including myself, this book aims to give the beginner or the advanced astrologer, or even simply the curious, an in-depth look at how effective and often incredibly simple this mode of inquiry can be. This teaching tool is an essential companion to any serious inquiry of horary astrology, the foundational layer of the tradition.

The authors are John Frawley, the world-renowned master astrologer, and five of his past students: Fotini Christodoulou, Leah Cuperman, Marcos Monteiro, Kathryn Silvestre, and myself. It is edited by Dave Menconi.

In the book, we cover real questions from real people.

horary-examples-rawTopics include relationships, house moves, job and career topics, time of child birth questions, sporting event outcomes, wine delivery arrival time (my chart!) and even possibility of death charts. All charts are worked out using solid and consistent method.

A reader had this to say, “This book fills a niche hitherto unfilled in the study of traditional horary astrology. It contains numerous examples of crisp and uncluttered chart analysis based on traditional horary principles, … There are other books on the market devoted to horary examples (Warnock, Lehman, Lavoie, etc.), but they are so encumbered with poor logic, rules that apply only where they fit, and needless parroting of Lilly, that it is a pound of frankincense to an ounce of myrrh that you will throw up your hands in nonastrological frustration before you learn anything you can rely on. This book, on the other hand, is filled with sound astrological judgments based on reason. Nor do the authors shy away from difficult charts, but identify the difficulties and talk the reader through them.”

Horary Examples is available online, through Amazon.

The book is available through Amazon, and other book sellers. It is available to any digital format, and will hopefully be available in a paper format soon.

For a little more on the authors or to read other comments from readers, we’ve got a Facebook page for the book. And we’re also on Goodreads!

Enjoy this book! It was truly a labor of love and an honor to have been a part of making.