An Intentional Year is a Year-Long Astrology & Mentoring Package for Insight, Intention, and Support

Unfold the next twelve months with insight and support.

Do you feel nagging anxiety every time you consider moving forward through the next year, even though you’ve got what seems like a solid plan?

Have you found yourself unsure of how to maintain your resolve in the face of competing priorities?

Are you committed to making the most out of the next year but not sure that you’ll be able to stay flexible AND engaged enough to keep your energy up in the face of unforeseen obstacles?

Every chapter has its own pace and gifts.

You know you’ve got a big year coming and would really like to see it through, but from a different place than usual. You’re ready to slow it down. Maybe not for forever, but for now.

Take a closer look at how you manage yourself as the seasons unfold. Learn to take a step back and notice the underlying patterns that inform you responses and your behavior.

Learn to attune to the nature of your current reality so that you can stop trying to be something that you are not. So that you can stop trying to control what you can’t.

Make the most of the opportunity on offer as each season reveals its bounty.

I know how difficult it can be to know when it is time to let something go or when to hang on.
When you are in a transition, so much can be in flux that it IS tough to know where to dig in and when to surrender.

Let me help you see how this next year can unfold with you fully engaged at each turn.

Life isn’t always easy, but when you’re able to make sense of your own cycles laid against the context and reality you face every day, growth and resilience are possible.

Sometimes having a trusted ally standing shoulder to shoulder with you as we peer out over the landscape of the coming year helps to sustain the best perspective.

Let’s work together, along with the wisdom of the seasons and the stars.

  • Have a look at your current vision and strategy for yourself and your business or career. We’ll review them at the beginning and then check back every few months to see how best to adjust as reality unfolds.
  • Delve deeper into the motivations and preferences held in your birth chart so that you can begin to spot your own underlying patterns more quickly in real life. Over time you’ll spend less time in worry and more time in action and courage.
  • Rely on the support of a trusted ally as you navigate this next chapter of your business and career. Reach toward your potential with the knowledge that you’ve got a team in place.

With An Intentional Year, you’ll get:

  • A 35-minute intake audio and in-depth intake document completed on Google Docs
  • 4 sessions: initial session is 90-minutes; subsequent sessions are 75-minutes
  • Sessions held over the phone in the United States, or over Skype worldwide
  • I will initiate scheduling as each season passes – so you don’t need to worry about missing out or following-up
  • MP3 session recordings
  • A PDF birth chart, symbols key, and your completed intake form for your records
  • Email support in between sessions
  • The safety of a confidential relationship through the year

I’ll need your accurate time of birth for our sessions.

An Intentional Year of 4 sessions (quarterly) is $625 USD

Here’s what to expect during your An Intentional Year intake & sessions:

  1. After purchase, you’ll receive an email (within 48 hours, though typically within 6 hours) containing:
  • Instructions to schedule your initial sessions.
  • *A link to a 35-minute audio recording where you’ll be introduced to the session process, a couple of key concepts, and lastly, I’ll walk you through filling out the intake form.
  • A link to a confidential intake form, which takes typically 40 – 60 minutes to complete.

*If you’ve already had an initial session with me in the last couple of years, your intake process will be slightly shorter, you won’t listen to the audio.

  1. You’ll have finished your intake process at least 48 hours before our 90-minute initial session. Just before the session, you’ll receive an email from me with PDFs of your birth chart, a symbols key, and a copy of your intake form for your records. After the session, you’ll receive an email from me with a link for downloading your MP3 session recording.
  1. For your subsequent sessions, we’ll follow the same process with you receiving the MP3 recording download link after each session.
  1. You’ll walk away from these sessions with new insight about your behavioral patterns and internal dynamics. You’ll have a pathway to move forward more efficiently. I’ll also give you some suggestions for ways to experiment with using your new insight.


What An Intentional Year is not:

  • Modern astrology: I will not be giving you “cookbook” answers or interpreting the planets or placements in the way you may have read or heard referred to from other astrological sources, the large majority of which are from modern astrology.
  • A psychic reading: Traditional Astrology is done in line with the way that people like Plato, Aristotle and Galileo practiced astrology – as a logical system. While my intuitiveness will help me connect and communicate with you, my astrological assessment is a result of many years of rigorous training.
  • Relationship therapy: These sessions are focused on you, in general, and your business or career, in particular. However, you may start to notice why you show up in a particular way in relationships as a result of these sessions. But my work doesn’t specifically focus solely on marital or romantic inquiry.


Let’s see this next year unfold from a grounded and wise place.

An Intentional Year of 4 sessions (quarterly) is $625 USD

Your Traditional Astrologer & Mentor for These Sessions:

I’m Molly Morrissey, MA. I work with visionaries who are ready to fortify themselves so they can get their big work into the world. My work helps the client find a deeper sense of understanding about themselves and their life patterns by unearthing and connecting internal and external clues, and building a more resilient and realistic strategy for moving forward.

With a Master’s degree in Applied Behavioral Science in systems counseling from Bastyr University/LIOS and astrological training with master astrologer John Frawley, I also incorporate backgrounds in architecture and the marine industry into my unique offerings.

After having spent the large majority of my life in Seattle, my man, my cat and I now live in Taos, New Mexico.