What if you could quiet the mental noise and only hear the signals that take you in the right direction?

If, instead of worrying your way through transitions, you were able to navigate them with ease.

If you didn’t second-guess your decisions.

If you could feel just as clear about the biggest choices life throws at you as you do with the tiny ones.

That’s what my work is all about.

What most people never realize is that those giant, life-altering decisions can be just as easy to make as the little ones, given the clarity, insight, and discernment needed to see them for what they are: parts of a universal pattern. And that means two things: (1) if you know the pattern, you can know what’s coming next, which makes your decision way easier, and (2) whatever’s going on for you right now, you don’t have to worry that it’s some sort of one-off, crazy thing, or that it’s beyond figuring out.

Here’s how it works. You’ve got two options:

If you just need to figure out one thing…

The Way Forward is for you. In it, we come together for one or two sessions to tackle what’s most present for you, right now. It could be a transition, a big decision, or simply a sense of being adrift; whatever it is, it’s got you anxious, overthinking, spinning your mental wheels and finding that whatever decision you try to make or steps you try to take, you seem to keep coming back to this thing.

Together, we’ll quiet the mental noise, get a clear picture of any complexity, and figure out next steps that are a perfect blend of pragmatism and intuition. You’ll get insight into how what’s going on right now is actually part of a universal pattern, and how you can use that information to make the best decision.

You walk away:

–– With a clear understanding of your astrological position, insight into your place in the pattern right now, and the perspective you need to see solutions instead of speedbumps.

–– Feeling grounded and clear-headed about your next steps. (And with all the freed up energy and mental bandwidth that brings!)

–– Relieved to have a clear list of next steps that feed both your logical side and your intuition.

–– Getting priority email access to me for follow up questions

Ready to find new insight into your patterns and craft your best next step? Let’s get started!


Got a situation, decision, or problem that feels extra-unsolvable? Book two sessions for deeper support.


If you want to learn how to figure out all the things…

Discernment for Life is for you. It’s a 6 month program where we continue our work together, using what’s going on in your life as hands-on training for developing your own system of discernment that will serve you in every single decision you make going forward.

To get on the wait list, click here. The next openings are expected in early 2018.