Check out what clients have to say:

Molly brings a powerful mix of laser-sharp analysis and deep spirituality to her work.  I was drawn to working with her because of her strong command of astrology and her grounded pragmatism. I was in a place in my business where I really needed clarity on why certain parts of my business were stalling out and I was looking for reasons beyond the obvious.

Molly helped me to see how the four elements were at play in my business and how to bring them together in a way that supports my growth.  This framework was so useful that I continue to refer to it months later.

Molly is extremely pragmatic and skilled at helping women entrepreneurs understand the patterns and the unfolding of their business. Nothing woowoo about this session whatsoever.

I am SO stoked about what it affirmed, cleared up and invited me to step into in my business and I HIGHLY recommend this to kickstart your year too.”

~ Jac McNeil, Self-Leadership Expert for Women Entrepreneurs,


“I had a Birth Chart Reading with Molly in early 2014. Everything Molly told me in that assessment validated what I had been experiencing but couldn’t articulate. It gave words and meaning to my desire. My Birth Chart showed me why I kept creating a similar unpleasant scenario. Seeing the pattern laid out so clearly and understanding what I had been denying as a strength brought the insight I needed to bring the Dawning Point to life.

Working with Molly brings me closer to awareness of my natural path. She is a trusted adviser who can see the pattern that is eluding me. As a highly self-aware person, there’s something different about the insight I come away with after a session with Molly. The bigger picture comes into focus and everything starts to makes sense.

I always recommend Molly’s services to my clients. This level of depth Molly offers is a true treasure. Self-awareness is foundational work and without it, the entrepreneurial path is harder than it needs to be.”

~ Tami Smith, Values-Driven Business Coach, Founder of


JulieI came to Molly looking for both guidance and reassurance, and was not disappointed. She delivered all of that and more.

I was at a transition point in my business – a refocusing and rebranding process. I worried that I was taking too long, lacking focus and had missed a magical window of opportunity. I wanted to be sure to structure my offerings in a way that honored my strengths and natural way of being.

After working with Molly I feel so much more solid in who I am and the qualities that will draw people to my work. Her insights – and her awesome combination of traditional astrology, coaching skills and savvy business know-how – helped me better see how I can structure my business and offerings to support my own well-being and evolution – and speak perfectly to my clients.

Working with Molly is a delight. She’s able to translate information that could be overwhelming into easily integrated “Ah, yes” moments of recognition. She brings a grounded and methodical approach to often murky introspection, and offers a path to best leverage that information over time. Molly is so amazingly generous with her time and her wisdom, never failing to patiently work with me until I had a complete understanding. I will continue to return to the material for new revelations and deeper understanding. On top of all that, she’s just a kick to spend time with – fun, feisty and all-around fabulous.

If you want to better understand your essential nature and have support in bringing more of that nature to bear in your work and your life, I highly recommend booking some time with Molly. She’s so gifted at helping you see your strengths, your challenges, and what’s emerging, and can help you chart a course for your life that feels doable, exciting and just right. It’s a great investment of your time and money.

~ Julie Henderson, Midlife Mentor & Owner,


GinaWorking with Molly, helped me better understand and uncover patterns from my past, how they’ve impacted the choices I’ve made and how to leverage them as I move forward. It was fascinating to learn about myself in a way that allowed me to see what I once thought were weaknesses had actually been some of my greatest strengths.

Molly’s ability to take her clients through this journey feels a lot like a book you can’t put down – and its YOUR story!

~ Gina Gomez, Business Coach & Certified Life Coach,


marissaMy work with Molly was most insightful: patterns identified, vision clarified.

She is so knowledgeable and so natural in her role as guide and consultant, her words are comforting. Deep, instinctual truth permeates her interpretation of our inner nature.

It was wonderful to hear Molly explain influences and encourage me with both timeless language and practical applications; I came away with a sense of possibility and lightness, feeling that she gave me tremendously valuable perspective at a time when I was needing just that. As an artist and an entrepreneur, I struggle with focus and skill application; Molly’s expertise gets to the core of it ALL! She is uniquely qualified and able to lift the weight of confusion and overwhelm while presenting thoughtful considerations in light of one’s influences and desires. I now have useful information with which to move forward, well-beyond “self-help lit” and D.I.Y. business books.

She is most professional and a pleasure to work with. Although I have the great materials from our powerful time together, I look forward to future sessions with Molly and so appreciate her as a rare and gifted resource.”

~ Marissa Joinson, Owner, Chef, & Educator,


“Before my traditional astrology Strategy Session with Molly, you could’ve called me astro-curious. Now, I’m an astro-convert. My natal (birth) chart, as she interpreted it, provided illumination into all aspects of my life, livelihood, relationships, and creative habits. Amazing! And learning more about my personal patterns and how they commingle with my tendencies and gifts as a business owner was both exciting and reassuring. If you’d like to see your own business trajectory from a fresh aspect, I highly recommend a Strategy Session with Molly.”

~ Abby Kerr, Brand Voice Specialist, The Voice Bureau,


“In working with Molly, I have been able to move forward in my decision to change my role in my business, to something easier, more profitable and enjoyable. I was causing myself to overwork, be in debt and through Molly’s insight and intuitive listening and suggestions, I was able to make the shift. I really appreciate the astrology aspect of her coaching as another tool for insight, perspective and confirmation of my actions. It is helpful to validate and have some feedback on the BIG picture. I recommend Molly for anyone who is curious, a bit stuck or traveling at light speed and needs a coach who can provide navigation along the way.”

~ Naomi Kakiuchi, President, NuCulinary Global Cooking School,


“I sought out Molly’s help because I was interested in learning something new about who I am. I was struggling with feeling stagnated in developing my business and fearful that I was failing. I didn’t know what to expect from a birth chart reading with a traditional astrologer. I was pleasantly surprised! Molly’s reading was like a chat with close, like-minded friend, yet offered insight to my personal “WHY” and helped me see myself in a different way.

As the year progressed, it turned out to be keenly accurate in predicting the timing of challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, and ways I could respond to them based on the chart. Throughout the year I went back and listened to my recording and always found a way to use the information to strengthen my resolve and push myself through what I was facing during a particularly rough spring and summer.

By late fall things were shifting and now in the midst of winter, I’m experiencing the impact and success that were reflected in my reading, right down to the DREAM job while sustaining and growing my coaching business. I received so much clarity on challenges from my past and present, and guidance that created hope and preparedness for the future. I have been able to bring more vigor and confidence to my business, the results showed immediately.

Follow-up sessions with Molly were also extremely valuable. She has equipped me with decision-making tools that were aligned with my authentic vision for my business, reducing the many ways in which I was letting fears of what others think get in the way of my own personal and professional success.

Molly has a finely-tuned insight and sees beneath the surface, drawing out what’s there so it can be dealt with or used to the benefit of her clients. If you’re seeking to explore deeper truths about yourself and your WHY, book a reading with her, especially if you are on the edge of giving up in your business. Be prepared to see yourself in a powerful new way and for your business to reap the benefits.”

~ KishaLynn Elliott, Certified Life and Relationship Coach, This Stuff’s Working! LLC,


“I asked to work with Molly because my career/life transition – which was exciting at first – was stalling and I was feeling unsettled and frustrated. I know who I am inside, but I’ve been longing for a better way to sink deeper into it and really just be more myself out in the world & in my business. I came to get clarity on what I already know about myself, and for insight on how to use that to better sort through my choices. And together, we absolutely nailed it.

What really helped? Putting words to my feelings, laughing about my (apparently not-so-random) quirks, and seeing how these tendencies have worked for me over my life, and how they can still do so, if I manage them well. I knew that both patience and initiative were needed going forward, but collaborating with Molly helped me identify, quite literally, where & in what quantity I needed to call each forth.

I’m better equipped now to make the decisions that will lead to a sea-change. I couldn’t be more optimistic about what’s next!”

~ Karen Sergeant, Project Manager and Founder,


Molly is an excellent listener and extremely effective communicator. When she gave me a reading in October of 2016, I’d been stuck both personally and professionally for several years. Molly really helped me to understand the reasons why I was stuck while also helping me to feel validated as opposed to ashamed over my lack of forward momentum. She is compassionate, grounded and wise beyond her years. She was quite generous with her time and feedback during our conversation. I am so grateful to have had the benefit of her counsel and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is searching for clarity or insight in any aspect of their lives.”

~ Spring Vincent


“I was feeling a little confused before our session.  I was doubting my own sense of what I needed and where I wanted to go with some business and relationship issues.  I felt stuck, and I needed some new tools to help me move forward.

I kept smiling as I heard Molly speak about my chart and what she saw there.  She hit the nail on the head more than a few times while describing my own personal set of strengths and weaknesses and what lessons were emerging for me right now.  Then she helped me so much by giving me some really practical tools!  I can now focus on developing some new skills to help me enjoy my life more and live from a place of faith.

The whole experience was awesome – from scheduling my session, and obviously the session itself, all the way to the final email that included the recording that I can listen to all over again!

If you can relate to that feeling of being stuck and confused, I highly recommend at least starting with a Vision Session.  You’ll leave with a lot of valuable information about yourself and any of your specific concerns.   And you’ll also get some great tools to help you move forward!

~ Hannah Pasquinzo, Life Coach,


Kathryn“Being a traditional astrologer myself, I have worked a lot with my own chart over time.  Molly helped me translate that self-knowledge into pragmatic steps for moving forward during a time of major change.

Molly listens well, really hearing you; she hones in on key issues and offers suggestions that resonate.  Her ideas continue to reverberate long after our conversations.  She also reminds me to be compassionate, including with myself–a prerequisite to getting unstuck from a problem.

If you are in need of fresh insights to help you move forward, Molly is your resource.”

~ Kathryn Silvestre, LCSW, Craftsman Astrologer,


“When Molly and I started working together I was in something of a fog, unsure of my direction forward in my business. Molly’s combination of compassion, in-depth observation and gentle but probing questions helped move me toward a much more helpful sense of clarity and focus. In particular, the work we did with images allowed me to delve more deeply into the insights I’d gained through our conversations together, and gave me a much stronger understanding of my particular situation.

Molly brings a rare blend of intuition and analysis to her work, and I’d happily recommend her to anyone interested in deepening their understanding of themselves, their business, or both.

~ Paige Baldwin, Creativity Coach,


“Molly, Molly, Molly. You rocked my world. The new perspective through which I can now view what’s going on in my business and personal life is incredibly affirming. You helped me make sense of me but more than that you helped me understand how I can better serve my clients by empowering both of us! Not only did I come away from our session inspired, informed, and ready to dive into 2014, I have so much information to refer to again and again.

SO much has opened up since we spoke. I’ve even identified two new services which clients have already invested in because I know so much more about who am I am! I ADORE your work and am telling everyone I know. Thank you!”

~ Krista Smith, Web Designer + Professional Co-Active Coach,


“Before my session with Molly, I was unclear about several business opportunities and directions tugging at my heart. She helped me identify what is core to the truth of who I am, my essential nature, and what is currently emerging. She helped me boil down to clarity what needed to be addressed right now, and what could wait.

Based on my chart, she showed me where my strengths lie, and where I can grow in terms of current challenges. Molly helped me understand how I show up in the world, and what I naturally attract in relationships, as well as what may be challenging.

She is an amazing navigator, a guide I trust, and really is incredible at taking an ancient science, and combining it with a deeply pragmatic approach to exploring truth and unfolding the wisdom from our charts so we can apply it in our daily lives. I am now on a clear path, and for that I am eternally grateful. I would highly recommend anyone who has been interested in the past in exploring astrology, to work with Molly, you’ll get more than you pay for!”

~ Jenna Gessay, Intuitive Wellness Expert and Founder,


Katherine“I’ve benefited from Molly’s talent and skills as an experienced traditional astrologer for several years. She has a passion for, and a deep understanding of astrology that she draws upon and combines with her intuitive gifts and professional training as a coach. I have always felt deeply respected, completely affirmed and empowered when I experience a consultation with her. Molly’s guidance has contributed to achieving clarity for decision-making in both my personal and professional life and I am very grateful.”

~ Katherine Burks, Ambassador of Awesome New Products, KB Connects LLC


My life has been crazy but extremely good and much of that is from my coaching with you. … It’s been such an amazing year. … Thanks for all your help and I rave about life coaches to everyone. It made a huge difference in my happiness and quality of life.”

~ L.S., Labor and Delivery Nurse, Seattle WA


“I wanted to work with Molly to have my birth chart read because I’d never had that done before. I was trying to determine the best next steps through a career transition. The session was very helpful, interesting, empowering and insightful. We talked about some of my (known and unknown) strengths, weaknesses and themes that may come up through my life. We also talked about what would be best for me to focus on over the next 6 months – 1 year as I work through this transition. The timing you provided was crazy spot-on – it trips me out! I really took to heart what you said in our session about exploring and networking. I met a lot of great people and have a lot of great info and a better sense of directions and some great contacts.

I feel so much more confident and taking your advice in these areas has really helped me grow. I love how it wasn’t a fortune telling type of thing but an empowering strategy session. You’re seriously amazing at what you do.

I highly recommend Molly to anyone seeking some advice in the midst of a transition or wanting to learn more about themselves.”

~ Shawna McGrath, Spa Director, Yoga Instructor


Ellie“It’s been months since our session and I have been meaning to get back to you with some insights that have transpired for me.

I’m really thankful for your practical, detailed guidance. It was spot on and much more useful than all of the modern astrology consultations I’ve ever had put together! The emerging element stuff was particularly insightful. My particular element has become much more developed and obvious over the months that have passed since we spoke.

You gave me one particular piece of information, …, which had a huge impact on my decision to focus my creative energy on my photography. Well, several months on, I’m formalising my skills in a course and about to launch my first real business as a baby and children’s photographer. It feels like the perfect fit.

Without your help, I probably would have floundered in “too many options” land for who knows how long!

Thanks again! You’re really awesome at what you do.”

~ Ellie Meskanen, Children’s Photographer & Owner,


“I sought Molly’s assistance and support at a challenging point in my life. I needed something beyond a traditional counseling setting and was impressed at Molly’s ability to combine the work of a quality coach, good questioning & therapeutic support, along with her depth and skill as an alternative practitioner. I believe Molly to be exceptional at her work. She was able to adapt the session to meet my needs and addressed them in an efficient and very effective nature. Molly has greatly impacted my adult development.”

~ Patty Desroches, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist,



“Before working with Molly, I was on an emotional roller coaster. I was confused and stressed out about the path that I was taking and needed help to steer me in the right direction. Molly, gave me clarity and taught me that it’s okay to “switch hats”. Her advice and techniques have made my business decisions (heck even daily life decisions) so much easier. Working with Molly was a pleasure and a blessing.”

~ Neoshi Green, Founder and CEO,


“Despite not possessing more than passing curiosity in astrology as one way to interpret individual proclivities, I found Molly’s coaching and astrology combination an intriguing and unique framework for helping me contemplate and plan a career transition. Her interpretation of my chart in our first session was startling in its accuracy and relevance. I appreciated how skillfully she occasionally returned to the chart for insight in our follow-up sessions, but never pushed an exclusive interpretation through this lens.

I also discovered I was pregnant between our first and second session, dramatically influencing my plans and timing for my professional goals. Molly swiftly adapted our conversations and exercises to allow me to still think about long-term goals while tackling some shorter term priorities to get me going in the right direction. I found the structure and accountability of working with Molly critical to defining the change I wanted.”

~ L.W., Strategy Director, Tucson AZ


“Integrating my birth chart with strategizing for my career and current direction helped me to relax, and completely re-framed the way I’ve been looking at the things going on in my personal and professional life. It gave me new courage and new ideas. The assignments you gave were great and you were specific and assertive when you gave them to me. I’ve been lacking in the ability to move myself forward, and having to meet the expectations of another person helped to put me in motion. You met me where I’m at, working with my lack in confidence and made me address it in baby steps – you didn’t let me wimp out, kept pushing where I needed to be pushed. We worked well together. Many, many thanks.”

~ J.A., Marketing Consultant, Seattle WA



“From seeing a few other astrologers over the years, I thought I had a decent grasp of what astrology has to offer, but Molly takes the typical astrology practice to new realms altogether. Her work is always a holistic blend of not only astrology but also coaching, deep listening, humor, and healing. Molly does a great job of checking in with her clients to be sure the work is collaborative and their needs are being met.”

~ Jessie Rhines, Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Yoga Therapist,


“After receiving an astrology reading for my birthday, I gave Molly a call to share it with her. With her knowledge, she was able to give me a much deeper understanding of what was going on in my chart than the original reading. I feel with her intuitive nature and deep understanding of astrology she is able to help people go beyond the surface and get down to the nitty-gritty of their lives. I highly recommend Molly when wanting to grow and expand your life pursuits.”

~ S.S., Nursing Student, Sacramento CA


“Molly was a perceptive, challenging and insightful partner in helping me figure out the steps I needed to take in my practice. The astrology work component added a new dimension to some information I’d gotten about myself, and it helped to hear it right off the bat. It was great having her there … to provide the space and obligation to get me motivated to do the work I want to be doing.”

~ J.F., Communications Director, Seattle WA

Imagine where you could be with some guidance and expanded insight. Let’s do this.