Horary Astrology: The Primary Branch of Traditional Astrology

Horary astrology is the primary branch. The word Horary comes from the Latin, “hora”, meaning hour. So it is the astrology of the hour.

The way it works is that a question is born in the moment that it is asked to someone who can answer it. The answer to the question is born at the same time as the answer. So the moment the astrologer understands the question being asked is the question’s birth time.

The idea is in keeping with the concept: as above, so below. We can look at the placement of the planets in relation to Earth at the moment of the question’s understanding and apply the “as above, so below” concept. The planets’ configuration will mirror the situation down here, and so the answer is in the chart.

The answer to the question then lies in delineating the chart which has been constructed based on that precise moment that the astrologer understands what is being asked, using the location of the astrologer and their local time.

Back in the day, when many people didn’t have recorded birth times, this was a simple way of getting information about one’s life. Also, because of the complexity involved in natal astrology (using a person’s birth chart), often a horary chart is the wiser method for producing exact information. It is certainly the preferred method when looking for the precise timing of an event.

Horary is used to make inquiries into any part of life.

From asking about the whereabouts of a lost item, to the date of an impending birth, to the suitability of two people in a romantic relationship, to the financial impact of a decision, to understanding the weather on the day of a party, horary astrology is a very valuable tool in the hands of an experienced horary astrologer.

It is because of this I am grateful to have been trained by arguably the most talented and experienced astrologer alive now, John Frawley.

Because it is a type of astrology based on using only one chart, the answers can be very simply and eloquently stated. I have been able to give the correct date of a child’s birth a month before that birth using the placement of one planet in a particular chart. This is traditional astrology at its most dazzling. Or better stated, it gives a glimpse of the mystery of God and the breathtaking beauty and complexity of life.

If you are interested in doing a horary inquiry with me, please email me at molly {at} mollymorrissey {dot} com. I do not have this service listed, but am happy to provide it upon request. (My fee is $100 per question/issue.)

I recently contributed to a book of worked horary examples. Check it out, here.


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