My Approach is All About You

The thing is, all of the clues about everything you need are already inside of you.

Your various experiences have been perfectly designed for you to be challenged and supported in particular ways. You’ve learned exactly what you needed so far to give your particular brand of living and wisdom to the world.

It’s just that it’s time for you to take the next step in understanding your internal signals and learning to live your wisdom.

The seeds of your purpose and your strengths were planted within you at birth (which is why I can gain so much insight from your birth chart) and shaped by the family and culture which surrounded and infused your childhood.

So your purpose already exists and the resilience you need is possible. Learning more about yourself and your context means you can nurture your life’s purpose, support its growth, participate in helping it bloom, and share your gifts with the world.

I am a deep listener, noticer and visionary. I use an interdisciplinary approach to help you find meaning, resilience and purpose in the narrative arc of your life.

While I draw on many experiences and much training, including, surprisingly, my training in architecture, design, and my maritime training, the majority of my work draws from both my coaching/counseling background and from my training in traditional astrology.

Mentoring is a facilitation process that allows me to help you dig deeper into your own experience, beliefs, feelings and thoughts to find answers, build resiliency and achieve tangible transformation. The coaching process offers me a variety of lenses and models from which to draw as you and I work together. Communication skills are one particular area where our work will make a major impact for you, as your new insights gain a foothold in your day-to-day experience. Click here to learn more about my particular mentoring style.

Astrology is a divination tool that gives me specific information about your life, temperament, events and timing cycles. Traditional Astrology (which I find more accurate and practical than Modern Astrology) offers us valuable and specific clues about you and your life. I specifically use a person’s birth chart, (also known as a natal chart) and the occasional horary chart for this work. I’ll use up to twenty charts, mostly derived from the natal chart, to inform my understanding of your life and my insights shared with you.

I recently contributed to a book of worked horary examples. Check it out, here.

My methodical and integrative approach works wonderfully for those that strive to understand meaning, and who are curious, thoughtful and motivated.

Here is a short video where I describe my work. You’ll hear from a couple of past clients as well:


Click here to view the video on YouTube.


If you’re ready to:

  • Look at your life with fresh perspective so you can stop the spinning
  • See the patterns that are particularly yours, rather than seeing yourself as a type or sign
  • Make sense of a conflict brewing inside you, so you can get a handle on the inner critic
  • Tap into the wisdom you’ve earned through the years
  • Find a more sustainable path forward…

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