That word, resilience, on the home page – that got your attention, didn’t it?

Perked you up and made you feel all curious.

Cause right now, you’re sure not feeling resilient, now that I mention it, right?

And yeah, it’s partly because you’re not quite sure what to make of all that’s going on inside of you in the first place. There are moments of faith and confidence, but they’re all muddled in with the stress and pressure.

You’re having a hard time discerning what’s what. And as the weeks progress, you’re feeling more and more exhausted and powerless.

Right now, it looks good on the outside, but doesn’t feel so good on the inside.

Maybe you’ve recently changed jobs, moved house or had a child. Maybe it’s even more subtle than that. But what’s true is that the fog is thicker than it’s ever been – and you’ve already been through some serious storms. The thought of weathering one more feels like maybe one more than you can handle.

And, you’re not ready to give any of it up.

You think it matters, that you matter, but right now, you don’t know it matters. For sure.

But one thing is true: you’re going through way more than you signed up for.

The stakes somehow have gotten upped and this feeling of weakness/ unpreparedness/ fogginess/ fear is more uncomfortable that you’ve felt in a very long time.

You find yourself over-thinking it all.

Spinning on the nuance of a conversation, grasping for a bit of serendipity to show you the way. Working over-time to make sense of the complexity.

You don’t mind doing the work, you never have. Only, right now you aren’t sure where to put your best efforts. You’ve re-introduced all the helpful self-awareness and self-care practices you’ve had in your arsenal, but this time around, none of it has helped.

So this is why that word resilience caught you a little unawares. You wouldn’t have said that’s what you need right now, but now that I mention it, it is.

Let’s talk about that word, just for a minute.

What is resilience? And why does it matter?

It’s more than self-care and flexibility.

Resilience is being able to sit in the ambiguity and know what you, particularly, need to sustain yourself there, for indefinite periods of time.

It’s remembering the bigger picture and knowing the current messes and delays are part of that picture.

Maybe most importantly, it’s about being able to read your own impulses, your reactions, your emotions, thoughts, and intuitions with confidence – and about being able to allow those internal impulses to impact your communication in real time, without you being run ragged.

So you know what you mean.

So others do, too.

Even if it’s knowing only one next step.

Sometimes that’s all you need.

Resilience is what you get when your discernment and courage are fully operational.

Because for you, my dear, being able to rely on your discernment and your resilience supports your curiosity about life, your curiosity about YOUR life and what it is that your journey will have you experience.

That’s why you say yes to more, why you have so much on your plate (even if it’s sometimes too much) –  you don’t want to miss out and love most of what the journey as brought.

You want to live big and true.

You love life, and to you, life is full of infinity and depth and particularness.

If your cup is filled by being able to articulate some of that complexity – and if knowing how to make use of that insight to support your particular purpose helps you stay in the game, then I can help.

I can give you a structured approach to seeing and understanding and implementing the specific slice of truth that is alive in you and your body – so that your best life can blossom.

The feeling that you’re having right now is simply an indication that it’s time to do this work.

Let me help.