What if you knew what was coming up for you this year?

We’re at the time of year where everybody’s looking forward, setting goals, and generally trying to figure out what they’re going to focus on in 2018.

Once we’ve got through the list-making, the brainstorming, the focus and meditating and intention-setting, we often still aren’t sure how to really turn toward the life enveloped in the next twelve months.

The forward focus is exciting … but it can also call up a lot of anxiety, because it can feel like you’re flying blind. After all, there’s no way to know what’s going to happen, is there?

Well, sort of.

While it’s true that there’s no way to know whether you’re going to want Chinese food or Thai on a Sunday two months from now, there are universal patterns, which means that actually, you can have a really good idea about what’s in store for 2018.

While booking a session with someone like me is always an option, there are also some initial steps you can take to understanding where to place initial efforts for the year. It’s all about taking stock of what you’ve got.

Why make the effort to take stock of your resources?

Beyond the common sense of knowing how your backpack is provisioned, knowing which resources you have well-stocked and which you’d like to have stocked can give a surprising level of direction for next steps on your dream goals and your necessity necessaries.

And I’m not talking about just making a to-do list after you’ve set your 2018 intentions.

You see, while much of the modern belief entails believing that human bodies are all the same and each moment is reproducible – that you or anyone else can always do it again, I wholeheartedly disagree.

Deep down, we know each person is unique (down to their medical needs!) and each moment represents an irreproducible opportunity. Cycles come and go, each year is made up of the same four seasons, but in the unfolding of a life, years are not equal. Some do matter more than others.

Moments are all different, and serve different purposes in presenting triggers and nudges as our lives unfold.

To take stock of both what you have as well as what you’d like to have right now, you’ll find clues about what the next year holds in store for you.

If you track these desires and stocks over time, nuance will speak, revealing the underlying current in the running of the river that is your life.

Yes. Seeded in your current desire and in the reality of what exists for you right now is all you need to understand about what is wanting to unfold. What will unfold.

Because like it or not, life is a story that makes sense even if it’s a tragedy or a comedy, and even if it only makes sense in hindsight. The trick is to start to allow it to make sense in the present tense rather than only in the rear view mirror.

In the end, things are all of an ilk.

Well, most things. Of course not every bit matters. Cause yeah, sometimes a bad day is just a bad day.

And that’s why learning discernment, building the muscles for discerning, is important – to distinguish when going to that networking event must happen and when it’s just another day of work and you could play hooky with no one knowing. (And yes, I did meet my life partner at a networking event I really didn’t feel like going to, but the body said yes and it wasn’t just the awesome Thai food I’d just eaten!)

Taking stock of resources – the internal and the external ones – can be a first step in starting to see the deeper currents of our life in action.

If you’re ready to take stock of it all in preparation for next year or next week, sign up below to get access to my How Are You Provisioned? I’ll take you through the process of seeing what you have, what you’d like to have, and how to begin to turn the boat onto a different course when needed.

I’d love to give you that peace of mind and sense of direction that sensing the current can provide. Sign up below or click here to begin the process.

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