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Exploring the Heat of Summer

Ahhh, the dog days of summer. Good for doing exactly what one wants. Am I not right?!?

Even though we often start to feel bad about it if there’s still work on the plate, many of us throw caution into the wind when it comes to summer fun.

Let’s take a quick look at the summer season and its primary element, fire.

Cause I think you’ll see it’s often about those impromptu decisions.

And I’ll be brief, in honor of the fire element’s propensity for being action oriented. People with lots of fire have no use for books and aren’t particularly big readers. Let’s get to it.

The summer season is the season of fire, the second season in the rotation (air = spring, earth = autumn, water = winter). Each of the elements is made up from a combination of hot or cold and moist or dry. Fire is hot and dry. To take this one step further, hot is about being outwardly focused, being expressive while cold is about being receptive or inwardly focused. And moisture connects and merges while dryness articulates and separates.

Fire is about being expressive or outwardly focused and about articulating and separating.

Here’s my 4 Elements Summary PDF to download for easy reference.

Choices are a great example of a fire-oriented item. We have only really made a choice when an action (outward) reflects the choice. And choices separate things from each other.

At essence, fire is about action, energy, truth, courage, life.

The two fire planets are Sun and Mars, which rule those things. Mars is the sword, the courage. At its most basic, Mars is simply energy – the doing of life, the compulsion to act.

And the Sun is about life and truth and integrity, the very basic bit of us being here. Of course, the Sun represents god, God, and any other highest authority – including the focus of interest we express as we move through our life.

The summer season correlates with the second phase of the moon, at the first quarter moon as it waxes to full. This makes perfect sense: the fire feeds the work to be done to see the fullness evident at the apex of the moon’s cycle.

During the summer, the plants grow toward harvest. (Yes, the autumn equinox and autumn correlate with the full moon and third quarter – all about results and harvests. The full moon does not correlate with the summer solstice as is so often suggested.)

When we turn toward summer, it’s the season of doing.

Summer does not want to plan or feel or communicate, it wants action and getting out there, primarily. No forethought, which can be a source of creativity or a source of reckless abandonment. (Side note: Our current leader here in the US has a predominantly fire temperament. Sound familiar?!? He might take it to extremes. Please don’t add any judgement you might have about him to the summer season or the element of fire, though it is one possible outcome.)

Summer’s the part of the year when we most often have ants in our pants, wanting to travel and explore, even if through our own neighborhood. We may be more impulsive or not even want to do anything we’re supposed to if it involves too much thinking, too much discipline, too much planning, something along those lines.

Summer can be a very productive season, if we can focus that energy, especially into making or creating or using our courage or integrity. Often, it is spent filling our cup, enjoying the outdoors, in physical activity. Great!

For many, the summer season can easily be too fiery.

If you’re less of a do-er, then this added fire can be uncomfortable, too hot, too much pressure. Or, if you’ve already got lots of fire in you, this increase can push you over the edge. Many people with lots of water find the sharpness of summer fairly difficult.

So even if you’re not a fan of summer, recognize that it’s a time to grow the proverbial plants that will feed you around the year.

Along with understanding your own temperamental mix, as always, you’ll need to identify your particular experience. Especially if you’d like to use this information consciously to get the most out of your summer time.

I’ll leave you with some questions to shape your inquiry on how you live out the fire element:

  • How do you feel or operate when the sun is out and temps start climbing?
  • What do you desire that you don’t often desire during the other seasons?
  • Do you consider yourself a do-er? How or how not?
  • How do you manage aggression (any time of the year)?
  • Do you manage other’s aggression or directness differently than you manage your own?
  • How do you conjure up courage, where do you look for it?
  • What part does integrity play in your life? Especially pay attention to your loyalty to it, and also your response when it is absent.
  • How does the fire in your belly show itself?

Enjoy your inquiry!

And oops, didn’t end up being too short. Oh well, writing is not where my fire shows up!

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