More About My Own Journey:

The work I do combines and integrates all my varied education, experience and innate skills:

  • The pattern-seeking and problem-solving design skills of an architect
  • The attention to surroundings and lust for adventure of a sea captain
  • The dedication to guide and serve others of a personal coach
  • The love of theory and idea of a philosopher
  • The skill of capturing nuance, texture, and essence of an artist

Framed On My Wall:

Masters of Art in Applied Behavioral Sciences from the Leadership Institute of Seattle (LIOS) through Bastyr University, focus on systems counseling

Bachelors of Art in Architectural Studies from the University of Washington

100-ton Inland Waters Captain’s License from the United States Coast Guard (with a 50-ton Near Coastal endorsement)

Horary Craftsman certification from Master Astrologer John Frawley

Plus a variety of paintings and photographs I have made throughout my life

My Street Cred:

Lived for 4 years in my mid-twenties in Liverpool, England. Traveled around Europe during these years while working and living in Liverpool. I learned:

  • To laugh again
  • That I could take care of myself
  • I could make my dreams happen

Worked as first mate on a yacht cruising the fishing grounds of Western Alaska in the North Pacific, Gulf of Alaska and the Bering Sea. I learned:

  • To do engine repairs when out to sea in the middle of a storm
  • To dock the boat in 45 mile per hour winds while not hitting said dock or any other boat
  • To focus on my breath while under pressure
  • To look deeply and with stillness into the shore lands for the secrets of a pristine wilderness
  • To manage and ultimately thrive during long periods of solitude – I’m talking weeks at a time, sometimes – and with no internet or cell coverage

Moved without knowing anyone except my partner, Nathan, to two regions of the US (New Mexico and California) after having spent most of my adult life based in Seattle. I learned:

  • To trust another person with my heart
  • To trust myself with my heart – still more to learn there, of course

I have cooked and made pastries in the restaurant industry, done administrative and light-industrial staffing, operated AutoCAD as an architectural intern, done marketing for a variety of medical offices, refinished wooden boats, worked for large corporations, worked for small businesses, and owned two of my own small businesses. During all of these experiences, I have learned:

  • I’m quick on the uptake because:
  • I am very driven for success and quality experience, so:
  • I often choose the more challenging path and that’s ok
  • I will not stay in a situation where I am no longer learning or where I have no passion
  • I can make friends with many different types of people
  • I cannot live without beauty and so I’ve learned:
  • I can find beauty in the most difficult circumstance
  • I love the process of life


Professional Bio:

Molly Morrissey works with people who are ready to develop their discernment. Her work helps the client find a deeper sense of understanding about themselves and their life patterns by unearthing and connecting internal and external clues, and building a more resilient and realistic strategy for moving forward.

With a Master’s degree in Applied Behavioral Science in systems counseling from Bastyr University/LIOS and astrological training with master astrologer John Frawley, she also incorporates backgrounds in architecture and the marine industry into her unique offerings.

Molly, her man, and her cat split their time between Portland, Oregon and Taos, New Mexico.


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