My work is about building a foundation of self-knowledge.

Knowledge that matters when you want to show up, and keep showing up.

When you need to feel fortified, especially when the going gets tough.

The work I do keeps you doing what you are committed to doing, but without staying stuck in the life-sucking feeling of dread that you’re doing it wrong or doing too much or staying too long – or whatever phrase you are living that has the word “too” in it.

Cause right now, you’re too busy second guessing yourself. Spinning on some particularly triggering issue. Rethinking that particularly curt response you delivered during the meeting yesterday. Overthinking your plans for this next launch. Stewing in the surprise and indignation you felt at that comment your partner made.

Something feels just out of reach and you’re finding yourself in a knot about it all.

My work helps you decode those thoughts and the emotions, or intuitions that go with them, according to your own specific truth.

The first step to resilience is not necessarily found in an air-tight self-care regime, but in understanding who you are and what you’re designed for in the first place.

This discernment and acceptance lead to faith and stability, and self-compassion.

Being able to see what’s really yours allows you to know when to say no and how to live your yes with more truth and fullness, even during – especially during – the times where you’re experiencing more than you signed up for.

That’s resilience.

My mix of discernment mentoring and traditional astrology gives you a system for seeing what’s going on and making sense of the often contradictory messages you’re experiencing inside.

This work allows you to build strength and flourish – it’s like building an efficiency system for self-awareness custom fit to you.

Whether you have just switched jobs, started your own business, moved across the globe, are growing a family, taking care of an ill parent, getting promoted, getting divorced, or any other glorious, worthy and sometimes messy endeavor – my work helps you make sense of all that’s going on inside, so that you can be your own best guide – regardless of what is going on.

According to your own truth, no one else’s.

I get how it feels when it’s all off but you don’t know why – because it looks like it should work. And despite always being told how incredibly intuitive and competent you are and how you always, just always, land on your feet, it really doesn’t feel that way on the inside.

I don’t play small – or not very often, anyhow. I totally get the part of having big dreams and living with a full plate.

I know it’s worth it in the end, but I’ve also learned one very crucial point:

You’ve got to understand yourself on a deeper and very specific level so you can learn to reign in the inner critic, the auto-reactions, and the over-functioning. Otherwise, you’re wearing yourself thin and starting to resent the things you dearly love and absolutely want in your life.

At some point, it’s not enough to be able to do the recovery work after the inner critic takes over. You’ve got to understand why that pesky little fella got triggered in the first place.

This work is a self-compassion practice for us thinkers.

It has risen from this:

I love to learn, I love to see patterns, I love to connect what is happening to all of the context around me and in my history. I’ll help you do that for yourself and your history.

I love to work hard and don’t mind messy.

The best things in life are worth fighting for.

Or exploring for.

Or facing yourself for.

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