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Purpose. Meaning. Resources. Real choice.

Sometimes, these things aren’t obvious or easily known, even if they’ve been clear in the past. It takes a deeper dive to re-discover these keys – to own them and live them fully.

I’m Molly Morrissey, a guide and traditional astrologer for people who would like to move forward by honing their observation skills and deepening their ability to make sense of their internal signals. I’ll help you learn more about yourself and develop the discernment so crucial to unlocking your power.

Sometimes it takes some added wisdom to make sense of the situation and  find your way forward.

Let’s connect to insight and strengthen your discernment.

Exploring the Heat of Summer

Ahhh, the dog days of summer. Good for doing exactly what one wants. Am I not right?!? Even though we often start to feel bad about it if there’s still work on the plate, many of us throw caution into the wind when it comes to summer fun. Let’s take a quick look at the… Continue Reading