You have more resources than you realize.

Find out what they are (and how to make the most of them) here:

You already have the all the answers inside you. I’m here to help you find them.

And I’m not talking about whether you should go on that third date or how to survive Mercury Retrograde.

I’m talking about the big stuff: your life’s purpose. Meaning. Your innate resources. Real choices, with real impact.

Maybe you’ve come to a crossroads in your life, and you need to figure out the best way forward.

Maybe you were so damn sure you were doing the right thing, living your purpose … until you weren’t. And now you’re looking for answers.

Or maybe you’ve never been all that clear on what you’re meant to be doing, but you’re 100% clear that it sure isn’t what’s happening right now.

I’m Molly Morrissey, a guide and traditional astrologer for people who want more than fortune cookie answers and newspaper horoscopes.

People who instead of being told what to do, also want to know how to think about decisions, tune into their internal signals, and make the most of their natural advantages.

And most of all, people who are ready for the type of deep insight you get when you not only understand your astrological position, but also have the discernment to actually use that information.

Find out how I do it here.

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