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Connect to Your Insight. Find Resilience & Faith.

Build a solid foundation of self-knowledge and a strategy tailored to your particular ways of being. As you fortify your approach to challenge and opportunity, discernment and faith are the keys to unlock your power.

You’ll show up with more resilience while your vision shines through.

Purpose. Meaning. Resources. Real choice. Sometimes, these things aren’t obvious or easily known, even if they’ve been clear in the past. It takes a deeper dive to re-discover them, own them, and live them fully.

I’m Molly Morrissey, a discernment mentor and traditional astrologer for people who’ve got big visions but find themselves preoccupied with familiar old stories and ruts, questioning whether they have the internal and external resources to proceed. I’ll help you learn more about yourself and develop a more realistic and tailored-to-you strategy so you can leave the old ruts behind, re-inhabit your faith, and allow your big vision to blossom into reality.

You CAN find resilience and faith on the rocky path. They lead to living your life, fully.

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Resilience Requires More than Yoga and Green Juice

I’m not knocking any of those things. A daily self-care practice is crucial to long term wellness and vitality. But to build long term wellness and vitality, also known as resilience – the stuff that keeps you somewhat whole during the inevitable tough times and allows you to flourish at any time – requires more