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The journey of life provides challenges and opportunities, all in service of our greatest endeavor: Learning to live the life we’ve been given.

While hopeful, inspired thinking is often the starting point, pragmatic observation and wise strategy are the engines that sustain the journey.

Build a solid foundation of self-knowledge and a strategy tailored to your particular ways of being. As you fortify your approach to challenge and opportunity, your ability to spring back in the midst of trying times is the key to unlock your power.

The clues leading to that understanding are found around you right now, in your everyday experience.

Purpose. Meaning. Resources. Real choice. Sometimes, these things aren’t obvious or easily known, even if they’ve been clear in the past. It takes a deeper dive to re-discover these resilience keys – to own them and live them fully.

I’m Molly Morrissey, a writer, traditional astrologer, and contemplative for people who’ve lost some of their hopeful, inspired thinking and realize that the way forward is to re-build their observation and strategy skills. I’ll help you learn more about yourself and develop a tailored-to-you strategy.

You’re never off your path, though sometimes it takes some added wisdom to find your footing again.

Connect to Insight. Strengthen Your Resilience.

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